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Established in 2017, Goth Yoga is a celebrated alternative yoga practice and boutique run by Christi Workman, AFAA & NASM Certified Group Fitness Instructor. Featured in Culture Map, CityBook, Gothic Homemaking, and Mantra "Yoga & Health", Goth Yoga is a celebrated yoga practice that introduces dark themes, curiosities of the macabre, and unique ways of self- expression. Enjoy a gentle meditative yoga practice with a spooky soundtrack, psychedelic lights and a couple of laughs.


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About Christi Workman


Christi Workman is best known in Houston as a Renaissance woman, from her training in specialty martial arts and aerobic fitness to her history in the city’s deep underground music culture. Former lead screamer of 90's Texas Horror punk band, “StinkerBell,” one of the founding member of the Houston Roller Derby, and owner of SugarHill Recording Studio from 1996 – 2017, Christi has spent her career at the forefront of Houston’s underground culture in music and fitness. ‚Äč


Featured in FOX’s Flip Side TV show, Flipside Magazine, Public News, Houston Press and several other underground rags throughout the US and Overseas, Christi is well celebrated for her unique mix of underground garage, punk, gothic culture and fitness. After years of experience in practicing Tai Chi, Krav Maga, Cardio Kickboxing, Pilates and Yoga, Christi opened up her own fitness studio, Fangtastic Fitness. Following that success, Christi launched her pop-up yoga and apparel-focused business, Goth Yoga, introducing a new way of practicing yoga to the Houston fitness industry.

Christi shares her spooky and zen yoga practice online and live events, selling her specialty "Goth Yoga" apparel and handmade products throughout the U.S. with her traveling Boutique. Christi has cornered the market of alternative yogis of Houston.


Community involvement: Houston's Girls Rock Camp, Local musicians and theater groups. 

Music Festivals: Splice Record’s River Revival, Third Eyeland Collective

Markets: Thorn & Moon Magickal Market, Horror for the Holidays, Pancakes & Booze Art Expo, Houston Vampire Ball, Historical Market Square Houston, and more.

Conventions: Oddities & Curiosity Expo, Cult Classic Convention, Texas Frightmare, Days of the Dead, Creepy Con, Crypticon, Houston Horror Film Festival, Houston Horror Pop-Up


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